A group of the best teachers who have been evaluated and qualified to work for distance education. Payment is made remotely through Vodafone cash or collectors or electronic payment without crowding taking into account the social distancing of the circumstances in which the country is going through. Classes are recorded as a video and we can return to it after the permission of the teacher. Communication is done through The administration is with the teacher to solve any problems, in the event that the guardian is not satisfied with the performance, the teacher may be changed or the rest may be recovered Teachers are evaluated by parents while leaving an appropriate comment, which ensures the continuity of the quality of the educational process. The center will from time to time hold online seminars in which specialists in educational science are hosted. Homework is sent through the administration to parents for follow-up. A discount is obtained if there are sisters For the student studying at the center before the start of the lesson, the technical support official is contacted to test the readiness of the Internet and devices to conduct the lesson and the presence of a technical support official in every support lesson in the event of any problem and the presence of a continuous support recipient on the site to answer any question.